Mar 5, 2010


a year goes by, and nothing up on the webspace. funny how life works-- we're in puppy land again, with another puppy i love but will probably give up. in the intervening year, we've fostered over 20 dogs, including one we ultimately adopted (and love!). kona was four months old when we got her, and now she's about 11 months old, 65 pounds, and still growing. she's a gorgeous tan-and-silver pup, and she's learned lots of things socially with the influx of german shepherds who have paraded through the house. the pup we have now, pork chop, is one of ten pups in a litter from ptera, who has a story all her own that i must tell someday (not today). ptera is also currently at our house, so we have a puppy herd. yay!

it's also back to baseball season... taylor actually spent the off-season at our house, which was fun :) he's left for arizona now, and we'll actually get to see him there this month.

work is what it is. busy as always, and ever changing. when it's not a friday of a long week, i'll post more about that, too.

hope all is well in your world...

Mar 2, 2009

puppy heartbreak

people told me that fostering would be hard, but i didn't believe them. i figured i was coming into the situation knowing that we'd only have the dog on a short-term basis, and then it would be off to its permanent home. it's like a puppy timeshare-- you enjoy it while you have it and then send it off for someone else to enjoy. i also thought it would be a good part-time ownership scheme-- we would get to enjoy having a dog, but we wouldn't have to incur the long-term costs. when we go on vacation, we wouldn't have to worry about kennelling or pet-sitting, we just let the rescue organization know we need a break from fostering for a few weeks. if we got a dog that was less than ideal, we would rest easy knowing it would be adopted soon and we wouldn't have to deal with it for that long. no problem, right?

that was until we got bonnie. i didn't imagine that rescues could be as sweet-tempered, well-mannered, and loving as she is. i guess i thought that the majority of animals in the system were coming from shelter environments (or unknown environments), so they'd not be in the best of shape. i was clearly wrong. bonnie fell into some hardship, of course, as she ended up in a shelter, but she was clearly well-taken care of and well-trained before she got there. there were some suggestions of potential abuse, but it never manifested itself in more than a few flinches... which she got over once she figured out we just wanted to play and love on her.

the good thing is that i'm pretty confident she's going to a good home. her new family is moving into a house with a yard this month, and they live near the beach, and there's a 13-year-old son in the family that already loves her. the sad part for me is that i think she would have been a good fit for our family, too. i fear that she'll be the best fit we find, and we'll regret not adopting her when we had the chance.

if that's the case, though, it might make fostering easier-- i won't have as much desire to keep the dogs we foster, and i'll have a better time emotionally accepting the fact that we do only have the dogs for a short period of time. but who knows-- maybe my heart just opens up and it'll be hard every time. i can't imagine how people who train guide dogs do it. we only had bonnie for two months, and guide dog trainers have their pups for 18 months. it's a heartbreak waiting to happen, even when you know it's going to have a happy ending.

Feb 2, 2009

new frogs!

check it out! 10 new species of amphibians have been found in colombia. so cool!

Jan 26, 2009

failing fostering

lots going on these days. yay new president, yay springtime weather in january, yay winter vacation, boo winter vacation over, boo bad economy, etc.

now that i've gotten that out of the way, on to the real new news. we have a dog! well, she's not ours... at least not yet. we decided that we wanted to try fostering rescue dogs through the german shepherd rescue of northern california. i've been hesitant to get a dog for a long time, but now we have the yard space to make it feasible. fostering seemed like a good dog-ownership trial run-- we get a dog for a short period of time, train it and warm it up for a good adoptive family, and then it's on its way to its new home. the only thing (other than daily care) that the rescue organization asks is that you volunteer one day a month at adoption fairs. seems okay, right? even better-- the rescue organization pays for food, vet bills, and sundry necessities, so it's not even a huge financial investment. the problem? when you get a dog like this:

this is bonnie. she's our first foster... and as heather likes to say, i may be failing fostering. she's 2-3 years old (we don't know exactly), she's house-trained and crate-trained, she listens well and learns easily, she's friendly, and she's a beautiful dog. how can you not love that face? she came to us from a shelter in fresno, where she'd contracted heartworm (she's on the mend now). she came in with another shepherd (clyde) and their two puppies, who are still being housed in a kennel until they are adopted.

bonnie needed some recuperation time and tlc, and she needs some socialization and to be spayed, which is why she's with us. she gets more settled in at our home the longer she's there, and i think she's even starting to think it's her home. we took her to a pet store bathing center for a bath yesterday (which was an adventure), and her color changed! a patch of white showed up on her chest, her fur is shiny, and she even seems happier to be clean. she'll be ready for adoption in the next couple of weeks... and the closer that gets, the sadder i am about it. i forgot how much fun it is to have a dog...

Dec 19, 2008


i'm not sure what i expected when i turned thirty. it always seemed so far away-- so old-- and suddenly it's today, now, my current and present state. i've been joking for the last few months that i wasn't sure if i was going to celebrate it or ignore it. i think i feared it a little, because you never know how you feel about where you are in your life when you get to a milestone.

when it comes down to it, though, i have a lot going for me these days... i'm in a stable, healthy relationship. i own my own house (well, the bank owns it, but i'm paying it off). i have an interesting job that i'm good at (and in which i'm getting lots of opportunities for growth). i have some amazing people around me in my personal and professional lives, people i care a lot about and who care about me, celebrate my successes, and support me in my failures. i'm still playing soccer as often as i can, even if it's slower than i'd like. i have some long-time friends that become more and more precious to me as the days go by, and some new friends that i'm enjoying getting to know. i have a growing family that continues to be close as we all grow up. i have new things in my life that i'm excited to learn about (home improvement projects!). as is evidenced by my thanksgiving list, there's a lot to be thankful for.

i think i'm pretty lucky. thirty is going to be a good year.

Dec 18, 2008

best fortune cookie ever

"if you think no one cares if you're alive, try missing a few car payments."

Dec 15, 2008

secretary of energy

one of my former PIs, dr. steven chu, has been named to president-elect obama's cabinet as his secretary of the department of energy. super cool!

Dec 8, 2008

bcs madness

anyone else think alabama got robbed? the bcs never really seems to get it right. alabama was undefeated through their last game, en route to which they had already beaten three ranked teams. florida's loss came at the hands of an unranked team, which alabama lost to florida when they were in the #4 position. granted, besides their one loss, florida beat almost the same teams alabama did. texas also had decisive wins over everyone in their conference, including oklahoma (who is going to the bcs championship), with the exception of texas tech-- who was ranked #7 at the time. oklahoma does have the slight edge because texas was ranked #5 at the time (and OU beat texas tech when TT was #2).

...but what a mess! how is there any clear winner? i've heard rumors that obama supports a bcs playoff... think he'll have influence over that too? ;)

in other news, my boys in blue didn't even make it to a bowl bid. and sadly, the undefeated ucla women's soccer team made it to the college cup final four for the sixth straight time but got beaten in the semis by unc. *sigh* how frustrating!

Nov 30, 2008


i've done this a few years now, and even though my little slice of webbiness is more silent these days, i still have lots to be thankful for:
  • a loving and supportive partner
  • a new home!
  • hubby and #1 (who will never read this but deserve the thanks all the same)
  • stability and success in my work life
  • good family and friends
  • cheesy potatoes (c'mon, these always make the list)
  • my very own washer and dryer (no more laundromat!!)
  • the sharks on a tear this season
  • couches and blinds and rugs, oh my!
  • lillian vernon hilarity
  • a wind of hope and change for our beleaguered country
  • christmas tree farms and brisk winter air
  • upcoming time off
  • seeing my baby niece soon
  • weekly trips to borrone (and the good company therein)

...and so much more. happy thanksgiving, everyone.

Nov 17, 2008


thanks to everyone who joined us this past weekend, for what i hope will the first of many festivities to warm and cheer our new abode. it was so lovely to see and share the day with such good friends and family. we even had a fort built in our guest bedroom, a hopscotch court on our back patio, and a bevy of wine to enjoy. good times, good times. :)

Nov 6, 2008

elation and sorrow

election day has been very bittersweet. i am so proud of my country, who finally came together and elected a president who gives us some hope for a better future -- for the first time in a very long time. president-elect barack obama's acceptance speech, which nearly made me cry, was so mlk- and kennedy-esque that it prompted a friend to say, "he may well get his own monument when he's done." there's a lot to do and a lot to fix, and he was upfront about that, but i think he is going to find a way to redefine the america that we have become so apathetic about supporting and changing. i am also hopeful that his opponent, quite gracious in defeat, will bring the rest of the country along and join forces with obama's camp to move in the right direction.

i wish i could have been there to celebrate with my brother, who has been working tirelessly in new mexico for the obama campaign, and who helped deliver a blue state where four long years ago he felt the sorrow of defeat. i wish i could have been there to celebrate with my mom, who has been volunteering at an obama headquarters office in her first days of retirement, and has found her own ways to contribute to change she believes in so much. i wish i could have been in chicago, to feel the goosebumps from obama's speech live and in person. as it was, i was in our nation's capital, among the monuments to the great leaders past, celebrating the 50th anniversary of an organization i believe in, and stood in a hopeful crowd of obama supporters as the returns came in. what an election this has been.

from president-elect obama's acceptance speech: "This is our time, to put our people back to work and open doors of opportunity for our kids; to restore prosperity and promote the cause of peace; to reclaim the American dream and reaffirm that fundamental truth, that, out of many, we are one; that while we breathe, we hope. And where we are met with cynicism and doubts and those who tell us that we can't, we will respond with that timeless creed that sums up the spirit of a people: Yes, we can."

yet, on the very same day when the United States of America found ways to step away from its history of divisiveness and corruption and elect a president to lead us into a more positive future, my very liberal state took a huge step in the wrong direction. with the passing of proposition 8, california voters have approved the addition of discrimination into our state's constitution. this is the first time in history that a constitutional amendment has been approved which TAKES AWAY rights that already exist. is this what freedom means? this was a proposition born out of fear, and yet, somehow californians could not find a way to learn from our past mistakes. not only is this a proposition that affects me directly, but it affects a number of friends and family i love dearly. i am certain that this will be caught up in the courts for some time (and hopefully repealed or resolved in some way), but it is extremely disheartening to find that we are unable to move forward in the spirit of equality in a state that boasts such liberality and acceptance.

i am hopeful, though, that this divisiveness and discrimination will pass. in our auspicious history, we have overcome our fear and opened the rights for those of any race, religion, and gender; i am hopeful that we will overcome this fear, too. the words of barack obama are fitting here, too: yes, we can.

yes, we can.

Oct 13, 2008

the joys of home ownership

well, we did it. we're all moved in, half-unpacked boxes notwithstanding. we had a great group of hearty helpers to move all of our gear, which was so, so appreciated. many thanks again to all-- andrew, andy, kasey, anyu, apu, cecilia, ian, marla, jen, liz, and michelle-- you are all rock stars! cecilia kindly lined every single shelf in the house with non-slip liner, liz and marla brought a bottle of evil pink juice to toast the day, and everyone actually seemed to have a good time while they were working.

the house itself is coming together... we're making it our home, slowly but surely. it has not been without its drama-- we've already had to deal with plumbing issues, electrical issues, and theft. i've also reaffirmed the fact that comcast is not my friend. thankfully, though, we're making it through, and we are becoming better DIY repair-people for it. that's a good thing-- if nothing else, home ownership gives us a lifetime of home improvement projects. other good things-- we now have lovely new nightstands and couches (courtesy of my parents), a borrowed lawnmower to replace the one we lost, ripening avocados and lemons, and a house getting closer to being ready for a housewarming party.

who's in? :)


i loved this guy growing up. happy 50th anniversary, paddington!

Oct 9, 2008

today i am one

happy first birthday, baby sofia!

Sep 22, 2008

t-minus three days

in three days, i will officially be a new homeowner. it's been a stressful and emotional process, but i'm very excited to be moving into our new place. it's a 42-year-old 4x2 house in fremont with a lovely yard and brand-new almost everything... the seller basically ripped the house down to the studs and replaced almost all of the inside features (and some outside, too-- the roof, landscaping, gutters, and garage door are all new). it's a big house for us but we're excited about growing into it.

we couldn't have done it without our lovely realtors/brokers, of course. my little endorsement of stewart & soss is probably one in a long line of accolades, but they truly made home-buying an enjoyable experience for us. andrew, kasey, and michelle were always attentive, responsive, willing to answer all of our questions, and fun to spend lots of time in the car with. as first-time homebuyers, we (translation: i) had lots of trepidations, stressful moments, and doubts, and they helped us work through all of it with grace and poise. even when we ended up dealing with a mean and shady seller on our home of choice, they went to the mat for us and made sure we didn't have to deal with him any more than we had to. they've been instrumental in getting us into a house we already love. many, many thanks to them.

can't wait for the first party!